Analytical! The Sorry Case of the Pitiable Nigerian State…….

Analytical! The Sorry Case of the Pitiable Nigerian State…….



An evidence of the sovereignty of the Nigerian STATE?

How often does one come across the words “Perception,” on a day to day basis, and yet it forms the basis of every argument among st Nigerians, cut across all boarders (rich and poor, young and old). Be it at the village square where old men gather to play board games or at a bar over a couple of drinks with young colleagues after a stressful day at work, the crux of a matter, so long as it concerns this country, spirals from how we all view things-perception. You see, while the older generation are driven by this political will; the feeling of inconsistency and under-achievement by whichever Geo-political zone that was at the helm of affairs at one certain time in the nation’s history, occupying the ‘oval office,’ which channeled the course of the country, deeper into muddy waters, thus the need for constant power tussle between the “major power groups” in the country. It is safe to say that these has been the case of the NIGERIAN STATE, well at least, the older folks have this perception ongoing as the hub of their argument at the palm-wine tapper’s stand.

The younger generation of Nigerians may not entirely agree with these as they tend to have a different view, especially to one such young Nigerian who has a sound knowledge of the nation’s history. To him, the well projected and pitiable story should be attributed to what some regard as the “Post-colonial era.” Taking a close perusal at this statement, a critical mind may caress the tangibility and viability to this strong but yet controversial claim. Well, I’ll simply ask a few questions to buttress the perception of the younger Nigerian even further:

 Did the colonial masters benefit and exploit the virgin but yet rich Nigerian State with its plethora of natural resources?

 Having discovered the immense wealth of the nation, did they just cede power without cunningly and strategically putting measures in place to keep them exploiting under the radar, because in truth, the independence day ceremony was just a mock rehearsal for what actually transpired between the colonial masters and the scepter that was handed to one Sultan of Northern Nigeria (a most powerful and revered ruler within the Muslim faithful).

 In a bid to keep enjoying all that they’ve kept having for free decades after, did they cripple diverse sectors of the economy for donkey years (like the mining sector), just so that the sorry but yet naturally endowed sovereign nation will keep importing raw materials and finished products for manufacturing industries, while illicit or illegal mining and exportation of precious stones and minerals keeps going unabated under the radar, and millions of dollars are lost yearly in revenue, thus keeping themselves ‘in business’ even after leaving?

My aim is to cast thought-provoking facts on our minds concerning issues that borders around national integration. Be that as it may, it goes without saying that we all have different views as to how we’ve seen our country being run and all that has transpired in the cause of time and one quick glance at all these will suggest that truly, all may not have gone down well, thus the advent or place of our ‘perceptions’ concerning governance. But the mere fact that the plight of the Nigerian State has been a subject of debate and sometimes, even ridicule, when viewed from the hounding and ill-inspiring international media of developed countries, only suggests however that both young and old alike carry and bear the “Nigerian dream” at heart-the Nigerian dream that goes way beyond every ethnic and sociopolitical divide and seeks to address the issue of national integration for sustainable development.

The mirrors is set before us and the task is to behold the Nigeria of yesterday, the Nigeria of today and the Nigeria of our dreams, and take some time to ponder on the reflection and perceive if we’ve done so badly as a sovereign nation.

What is Your PERCEPTION?



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