Study shows Robots will not be imminent threat to humanity

Study shows Robots will not be imminent threat to humanity

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Stanford University have released its first report from the One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100), reassuring anyone out there who have been worried about robots eventually becoming intelligent enough to“finish us off”,  will not happen anytime soon. 

Peter Stone, a computer scientist at the University of Texas at Austin who was the Lead author on the 2030 report,a 28.000-word document, named “Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030”,said. “It’s a misconception of people ,the general public is either very positively disposed to AI and excited about it, sometimes in a way that’s unrealistic, or scared of it and saying it’s going to destroy us, but also in a way that’s unrealistic.”

Stone and the co-authors refer to AI as something like the modern smartphone,saying:“It’s not that it’s literally taken over your life, but most people at the same time can’t imagine functioning without one.”areas where humans will be asked to trust the reliability of a robot will be in transportation,health care.Policing and public safety could also be improved by AI as facial recognition improves, cameras will become better in preventing and prosecute crime.In terms of employment and jobs, the study believes AI will replace tasks, rather than jobs, as well as creating new jobs. The authors have concluded that there is no need for concern about AI posing an imminent threat to humanity.



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