The Chong Dovetail Coming in Kaduna State Nigeria 

The Chong Dovetail Coming in Kaduna State Nigeria 

The phrase “chong” was culled from the trendy slang used when referring to the southern Kaduna people “Chongai”. A Dovetail is an English word which is synonymous to “meeting point” and “link up”. Therefore, a Chong Dovetail is a meeting point for Southern Kaduna people.

The event is aimed at creating a social platform for the people to experience culture and rekindle/awaken the Love for home in them. It is very apparent that the world advances, new trends stream in every now and then, the economy is taking another shape, while we’re all being receptive to the Western living and along the way losing focus on the key object, then slowly the home in us begins to fade. This is very evident in our days as we now have fewer youth who understand the local dialects, indigenes are picky when it comes to the local foods, less people bear tribal first names, the festive holidays (Christmas, easter, new year, etc) are no longer fun in the villages, even the villages are starting to look unsafe for most of us to travel to and yet we all aspire to flourish, excel and reach greater height in our endeavours.

Note that a palm tree doesn’t grow tall and seize to depend on its roots. And if by chance that happens, the tree could hold on for a while until the lack of water supply starts kicking and it might stand for a while, but on a faithful stormy day; a friend in need would regret letting go of the friend he needs.

So basically this is to nudge the chongai sons and daughters to start looking towards home and to be proud of their roots.

The event is scheduled to feature skillful display of art by performing cultural acts, E.g Samba Dancers, Shruai troops, xylophonist, traditional singers, the ag’gba and drum troop ETC. And with a handful of chongai folks doing good and working hard to put us on the mainstream map, new age acts aren’t left out as few selected artists would be gracing the event with their performances also. The comedians are also on the list to make sure faces are sparkling with smiles and mouths filled with laughter. The forums and games are current affairs inclined to help educate and inform us on history of our various tribes.

Now, the aspect that seems to be more attractive and most talked about is the exclusive 100% local delicacies food menu that will be in place to add up to the experience. According to a survey carried out on social media we were able to determine few highly demanded dishes and planned to have these foods vend at the event venue for everyone’s delightful consumption at very affordable rates.

Date for this year’s edition of the Chong Dovetail is December 18th

Venue for the #ChongDovetail is GOSHEN MEMORIAL GARDEN (BOTTOM POT RESTAURANT) after the Ostrich bakery, close to top Galaxy Hotel Sabo Kaduna.

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