The ‘Trump’ Revolution

The ‘Trump’ Revolution

Considering the events that took place prior to the final show-down of the much anticipated US elections, one will argue that with all the controversial statements that were dropped by ‘Mr Controversial’ himself in the cause of the campaign and even the presidential debates, he does have a clear agenda on what he’s set out to do. “Enough with the liberalism that has so eaten into the very hearts of our politicking and caused a high level of moral decadence in our societies”…..i hear the ‘conservatives’ say.


Are we then saying “bye-bye” to all the policies that has plagued not only the Us citizens but the world at large? In a time where everyone was scared to speak up, civil society groups losing their voice over crucial matters, clergymen being rendered silent and marginalized for obvious reasons, and well meaning individuals who could have said something but had no guts to muster even a semblance of a sentence against the carnage and onslaught that has been ongoing, the voice of Trump and all he stands for thus came in timely. It represents hope for a generation yet unborn and for a dying society, buried in the filth of “liberalism” and grave moral decadence. Well, the road to “Republican Sanity”  promises to be a long and bumpy ride…..early signs suggest.

I advice all and sundry then to fasten your seat belts as we all enjoy the ride through the ‘Trump Revolution”……..

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